The Problem With Chemical Imbalance

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Check out this thought-provoking Opinion piece from The New York Times. Writer Kelli Maria Korduki  takes a look at her personal history with the psychiatric profession and finds it wanting. Mostly she talks about the way the idea of chemical imbalance narrowed the way she was seen, and shaped how she learned to see herself. Apparently none of the psychiatrists she saw expressed any interest in her as a person, in her life circumstance, in the meaning of her distress. She writes, “When, in my early 20s, I asked a new psychiatrist — one of the only mental health providers I could find who would accept my insurance and had openings for new patients — if we could try discussing some of the problems I’d been having, she looked at me as though I’d proposed a joint mission to Mars.”  She vividly captures the way the complexity of her and her life was reduced to a set of symptoms to be measured, rather than treating her as a person to be understood. Along the way, none of these professionals appeared to pay attention to the healthy parts of her. She learned to see herself as broken, in need of fixing.

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