From “The School of Life”: “What Nice Men Don’t Say To Nice Women”

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Amy: Here’s a rather provocative post from Alain de Botton’s “School of Life”.  We were a bit ambivalent about posting it. I don’t like the ending; it’s too literal. It concretizes the idea of uninhibited sex in a rather problematic way, for me at least. But I think this post opens up some of the ideas that I wrote about in the Alan and Sarah vignette  from the “Lousy Sex Life” post  (see post from 8/8). In that story, it suggested that a couples’ sexual duet is most  often an expression of the the larger landscape of the relationship. See what you think.

And now for some dessert:  Please enjoy this song by the wonderful singer Gregory Porter. It’s called Be Good.


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  1. No, not provocative at all. I absolutely love this.
    If indeed nice men and nice women feel safe to express their fantasies, we would have a lot less issues that are related to keeping secrets, and are therefore damaging relationships.
    Nice man=real man (or real woman, or real “they”. The world would be a much safer place when we all can be real about our sexual fantasies.

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